rayon & modal yarns


Creating a fashionable look, rayon and modal yarns also offer unique softness. These fibers were created to imitate the best benefits of cotton and silk, but with much better properties such as improved absorbency and moisture management, while enabling more brilliant colors in your fabric. You can find rayon and modal products in 100% and different compositions, which will allow you to have different textures and appearances in your garments.


Micro Modal (Cafta)

– Yarn content 100% modal , portion dyed Modal dyed

Micro Moda (Cafta)

– Yarn content 100% micro modal, portion dyed Micro modal dyed

Rayon RS (Cafta/Asia)

– Yarn content 100% rayon rs, portion dyed Rayon dyed

Rayon Vortex (Cafta/Asia)

– Yarn content 100% rayon MVS, portion dyed Rayon dyed