Polyester yarn create strong, durable and quick drying fabric.

The actual market is inclined towards sport wear; polyester is synonymous with sports. Our yarns offer the advantage of trendy products and garments that will retain its shape. GK, always looking to achieve your needs, offers a variety of polyester yarn such as filament (texturized), ring spun and Murata Jet Spinning, both natural yarn and heather products.

Spun Poly (Cafta/Asia)

-Yarn content 100% polyester RS.

-Portion dyed Fabric Dyed.

Polyester MJS (Cafta)

-Yarn content 100% polyester MJS.

-Portion dyed Fabric Dyed.

Polyester DTY (Cafta/Asia)

-Yarn content 70D/72F

-Portion dyed Fabric Dyed.