Fancy yarn

The fashion market is continually looking for innovation and thats what GK offers you. Our unique products offer the opportunity to be one step ahead, allowing you to create garments in this region that you may not have thought possible. When we created these products, we were looking for and extra texture, different appearance and uniqueness. Gk offers fancy yarns using multi-fiber blends, slub, nubs, and many other fiber blends fit your needs.

Mock Twist Slub (Cafta/Asia)

-Yarn content 50% cotton 50% poly RW.

Portion dyed – cotton dyed.

Slub Blend (Cafta/Asia)

-Yarn content 65% poly 35% rayon.

Portion dyed – fabric dyed.

Heather Blend (Cafta/Asia)

-Yarn content 90% modal 10% black poly.

Portion dyed – fiber black poly.

Snow Repreve (Cafta)

-Yarn content 60% cotton 40% poly 60% Cotton 40% poly recycled.

Portion dyed – poly dyed.

Repreve Blend (Cafta)

-Yarn content 60% cotton 40% recycled poly RW.

Portion dyed – fabric dyed.

Triblend MJS (Cafta)

-Yarn content 50% poly 25% cotton 25% rayon.

Portion dyed – poly dyed.

Mock Twist (Asia)

-Yarn content 50% poly 50% rayon RW.

Portion dyed – rayon.

Linen with Lurex (Asia)

-Yarn content 38% poly 5% linen 3% lurex.

code- RV-PCLL-17506

Schnee Heather (Asia)

-Yarn content 55% cotton 45% poly.

Portion Dyed – Yarn dyed

Twin Collection (Asia)

-Yarn content 85% poly 15% cotton.

code- RV-PC-17510

-Portion dyed- Yarn dyed.

Mock Twist(Asia)

-Yarn content 55% cotton 45% poly.

Lurex Melanges (Asia)

-Yarn content 75% cotton 25% poly.

Twin Feed(Asia)

-Yarn content 75% cotton 25% poly.

Portion Dyed – Cotton dyed

Twin Rocky (Asia)

-Yarn content 78% cotton 22%.

-Portion dyed- cotton 25% poly.

Linen Effect (Asia)

-Yarn content 85% poly 15% cotton code-RV-PV- 501 RW.

Portion dyed – fiber dyed.

Lurex Collection (Asia)

-Yarn content 60% poly 38% rayon 2% lurex.

Marble Homme (Asia)

-Yarn content 80% poly 20% cotton.

Portion dyed – yarn dyed.

Over dyed (Asia)

-Yarn content 95% cotton 5% poly.

Portion dyed – yarn dyed.